General Information on Our Custom Steins

Specific information on the ordering process, client examples, stein/mug choices, timelines, payment, and shipping, is available in the "Pre-Sales Info" and "Order Process" menus.

Custom and personalized steins and mugs

Custom Stein, and Mugs for all occasions or Events. We have unique relationships with several quality beer stein and beer mug manufacturers in Germany and we are experienced in helping you design the perfect custom made beer steins or beer mugs.

Beer steins and beer mugs are perfect for:
- Company or Corporate promotions
- Military units
- Event promotions
- Festivals
- Bars, pubs, clubs, and restaurants
- Golf tournaments and other sporting events
- Conferences (outside of U.S. events, steins can be shipped to the event location)
- Shooting clubs
- Weddings

Beer steins and/or beer mugs can be customized with any logos or graphics and your unique text. Lids may also be personalized with your unique finial (figurine on the top of the lid), badges, or porcelain inserts.

The steins or mugs can be produced in traditional fired clay, stoneware, porcelain, or glass including hand blow from a company that has been blowing glass since the 1500's.

The customized steins or mugs can also be produced with or without lids and we offer a variety of stein lid choices (all in high quality pewter).

Beer steins and beer mugs are generally available in 1/2, 3/4, and 1 liter steins.

We do not personalize single stein or mugs.

Personalized or custom made steins have minimum quantity orders (see minimum orders from menu) and require up to 12 weeks for design, production, and shipping from Germany (see timelines from menu).

Once you have reviewed all the information on the process, minimums, payment, and shipping, contact us at: