Getting Your Order Stein Started

Getting stared with your order or just inquiring for more information is simple and free.

Initial consultation, mockup design, and pricing is a free service that begins with a simple phone call or email.

Prior to your inquiry, it would be helpful for you to gather some information first. The most common considerations are listed below. If you are unsure about the details, just call or email us.

**Common considerations that will help speed the process**

(1) What is the projected quantity of steins or mugs?

(2) What is the deadline to have the steins/mugs in your possession? Consider that our steins are produced in Germany and will require pre-production artwork, production time, and shipping from Germany. Expedited shipments (by air freight) will require an additional shipping charge.

(3) What is the artwork that will be applied to the stein / mug? We can provide the artwork specifications or we can produce the artwork to meet the manufacturers needs.

(4) It is helpful to know your budget in order to recommend the stein body, graphics, and lid that will meet your requirements.

(5) If you can provide us with your personal of company / event logo or artwork (or direct us to your website with graphics), we will make a simple mockup via email to view and or share with those with whom you are working with.

To assist you with common terms while talking to our designer, refer to the items below:

Custom and personalized steins and mugs

**When you are ready to start the process, just contact us and we can begin the free process of an initial design and mockup.**

You can reach us at normal business hours (U.S. Eastern Standard Time at:

(937)-470-5989 Or