Customized Stein Graphics and Logos

Custom and personalized steins and mugsGraphic choices include your logo, text, and/or special colored banding.

For purposes of the initial mockup, we will require a simple logo image file (provided by the customer or one available from the customer's website). We will produce the mockup text.

The amount of graphics (logos and/or text and colors) may effect final pricing.

Options for colored banding around the stein base or at the top (below the lid) are optional. Our designer will work with you on these and other options.

Once the graphics design is agreed upon, high quality logo image files will be required. You can provide the file or we can commission the manufacture to prepare the file at a minimal cost. Detailed file format and information will be provided by our designer.

Prior to stein production, the manufacturer will produce the graphic labels, including text and logos, from the image files. Each manufacture has a minimum production level of 130 labels. Labels not used (if your order is for less than 130 steins/mugs) will be kept on file and can be used for future "reorders" of your stein/mug.

The labels will be used to transfer the graphics to the customized stein/mug body at high temperature.