Payment Process for Custom Stein Orders

Custom and personalized steins and mugsOur stein expert will work with you to develop the design, mockups, and price quotations for graphics, production, and delivery.

When the design and quotation is complete and you direct us (in writing-via email or letter) to go forward with the order, our designer will refer your order to our billing department.

Our billing department will provide an invoice to you which will include all pricing, delivery method/price, and terms of sale. In most cases, the quoted price will include the production of the steins / mugs and shipment (by sea) from Germany to the U.S. There will be an additional charge for ground shipment from the U.S. port to your location.

**We accept all major credit cards, checks, and money orders. Wire transfer options are also available.**

You will be asked to provide a method of payment and all necessary information required to process the initial payment.

For most orders, we require 75% down payment net 15 days from the invoice date and the balance due net 15 days upon delivery of your steins. Production can not begin until the down payment is received and this can significantly delay the final delivery date.

Military and government orders will require the full payment net 15 days from date of the initial invoice.