Client Examples of Custom Designed Steins

The below images are example steins from some of our previous clients.

You can reference an any of the below examples of customized steins and mugs when speaking to our designer about your personalized stein.

1. Stein designed with company logo, conical pewter lid and gold banding

2. Porcelain golf county club stein with logo, pewter conical lid, and gold banding finial

3. Pub/Tavern mug with flat pewter lid and green matching banding at the base

4. Glass stein with pewter lid and suitable for etching

5. Air Force unit stein with unit logo, unit pewter insignia mounted on lid and a wording wrapped at base

6. Military Nurse Corp stein with logo, text, and pewter conical lid

7. Traditional stein with local city historical site scene and pewter trolley car mounted on lid

8. Army unit mug with unit logo, text, pewter lid, and banding at the base

9. Army Aviation Regiment stein with logo, text, and unit's dragon symbol mounted on pewter lid

10. Stein with a city's logo and local pewter brewery wagon mounted on the lid

11. Stein with a city's logo and
 decorative pewter lid

12. Special event anniversary mug with logo, text, banding, and pewter lid

13. Church festival stein with logo, event text, and conical pewter lid

14. Air Force unit stein with unit logo and an Air Force aircraft finial mounted on pewter lid

15. Army unit reunion stein with conical pewter lid and graphics of the unit location in black and white

16. Army unit stein with large base, unit logo/text and a pewter Blackhawk helicopter mounted on lid

17. Special event stein with event logo and decorative conical pewter lid

18. Company 10 year anniversary porcelain stein with company's emblem in pewter mounted on lid

19. High school reunion porcelain stein with school logo and pewter lid

20. Company's porcelain stein with logo, text, gold banding, and the mounted on pewter lid

21. Stein made for a brewery with log and beer barrel wagon in pewter on lid

22. Stein for local Oktoberfest with city crest mounted on decorative lid

23. Vietnam unit reunion stein with crest and text

24. Air Force stein with decorative base, unit logo, and Air Force aircraft mounted on pewter lid

25. Stein commemorating a wedding with gold banding. logo, and decorative conical lid

26. Stein commemorating a city's anniversary with event logo and pewter horse wagon mounted on lid

27. Mug with organization crest and flat pewter lid

28. Air Force organization stein with unit crest, text, gold banding, and pewter aircraft mounted on lid

29. US Army stein, porcelain with Army logo, Gold banding and an M1 pewter tank mounted on lid

30. Church mug with city and church logo and text with base banding and flat pewter lid

31. City Oktoberfest mug with event log and text, with flat pewter lid

32. Navy ship stein with Ship's logo and decorative USA eagle pewter lid

33. Army aviation unit porcelain stein with unit logo and pewter Chinook helicopter mounted on lid

34. Army engineer unit stein with unit logo and pewter engineer symbol mounted on lid

35. Army unit stein, porcelain, with each unit's logo, gold banding and a pewter M1 tank mounted on lid

36. High school reunion mug with school log, base banding and pewter lid

37. Military school stein with logo, text, and USA eagle pewter lid

38. Beer stein (cup) with brewery / pub logo

39. German government embassy logo stein

The pictures above are just a few examples of the possible stein bodies, pewter lids, pewter finials, logo/text, and bandings available.

After reviewing the information pages on minimum order requirements, payment process, shipping, and timelines, contact us for free design ideas.