Order Shipping and Delivery

Custom and personalized steins and mugsYour order will be produced in Germany and Shipped to your desired location.

Orders Shipped to the U.S.:

In most cases, orders shipped to the U.S. will arrive by sea at a Great Lakes port. This shipment will be included in your initial quote. Ground shipment from port to your location will be an additional charge that will be estimated during the initial consultation. You will be invoiced separately for this portion of the shipping. We will coordinate all aspects of the shipments from manufacturer to your location.

Shipment outside the U.S.

If you are shipping your order outside the U.S., we will coordinate the shipment to most locations worldwide. Orders being delivered inside Germany may include a VAT tax charge.

Expedited shipments from Germany to the U.S. by air freight will incur an additional shipping charge.

Military organizations stationed in Germany may pick up orders directly from the factory. Coordination with us in advance is required.

Companies and organizations placing orders for functions in Europe can orders shipped to the event location.

Companies and organizations which have their own shipping accounts with major shippers can use their shipping accounts to move and deliver orders. Please contact with your shipping account information in advance.