Custom Stein Timelines

Custom and personalized steins and mugsDesign, Production, and Shipment.

The time from initial contact to delivery of your steins vary and are mostly dependent on finalizing the design of the stein, graphics, and lid (optional).

At a minimum, you should budget 12 weeks for design, production, shipment from Germany, clearing Customs, and ground shipment to your location.

**Please be responsive to our designer's emails of mockups and design choices to speed the process.**

Within 24-48 hours of initial contact, our designer will send an email with an attached image of your personalized beer stein mockup. Customers are encouraged to respond with design changes and feedback. We will send changed mockup emails until you are satisfied with the stein, graphics, lids and optional finials. This part of the process can take days to weeks depending on customer comments and feedback and number of changes.

Once the stein design is accepted (in writing) and down payment is received, the order will be sent to Germany for production. Once produced, most shipments from Germany will arrive via ship to a U.S. port, the shipment will process through Customs and then forwarded by freight to your shipping address.

Orders requiring expedited shipments will travel via air freight from Germany to your location. Final shipping costs will be effected if using air freight.